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You’ve heard of them. And you’ve heard the stories of companies getting into hot water with the Commission.

Maybe that’s left you with the mental image of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) as a mysterious regulator body that swoops in and punishes unscrupulous companies on behalf of the little guys.  Or maybe you see them as the group that protects you, as an individual consumer, from the ‘Corporations’ in ‘Big Industry’.

Have you ever stopped to consider how that Australian Consumer Law applies to your organisation?

In truth, all industries are guided by regulation. This means that all businesses need to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of Australian Consumer Law and how the regulation of it may affect their operations. Breaches of the Competition and Consumer Act can easily result in severe costs for your company. Its essential that all employees understand the main risks. Our modules can assist your employees and you in understanding the Australian Consumer Law. The modules cover:

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) governs all Australian businesses in fair trading and consumer protection. If your business engages consumers or deals in consumer contracts, guarantees, the provision and sale of goods and services, then ACL training is critical for reducing business risk.

This course has been designed to provide legally compliant training about organisation and worker responsibilities in relation to consumer law in connection to their employment. The content is delivered using simple language and graphic storytelling to engage the learner and improve knowledge retention.


On completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • describe some key consumer law obligations and why they are important
  • identify key legislation and principles relating to consumer law
  • outline the rights of consumers in different types of transactions
  • list the consequences for both companies and workers when consumer laws are breached
  • demonstrate an applied understanding of consumer laws.

By implementing this course your organisation can:

  • reduce the incidence of consumer law breaches
  • protect organisational brand and reputation from damage related to breaches of consumer law obligations
  • deliver comprehensive and cost-effective consumer law training to a wide range of workers
  • strengthen employee engagement by implementing best practice compliance with consumer law obligations.

Do your business a favour and provide your employees with consumer law training to help safeguard your asset. Contact Our Advocate today!