Do I need Probate?

If a bank, a nursing home, or any organisation which holds assets of the deceased tells you that they will only give you these assets after seeing a copy of the Grant of Probate, then yes, you need Probate.

Sometimes these organisations will be happy to give you access to these assets if they are below a certain threshold, or if you provide alternative documentation, so you may want to confirm with these organisations first before deciding to obtain Probate.

If you are the executor and unhappy relatives are wishing to dispute the Will of the deceased, it is best to get Probate.

Our Advocate provides the comfort of human assistance to help avoid common mistakes.

Our Advocate Probate service includes:

Publishing of online notices
Review of the Death certificate
Review of the Will
Review of your inventory of property
Review of your executed application prior to submission to the court ensuring everything goes smoothly

  • We draft and publish all legal notices for you on your behalf.
    No need for you to register an account with the Supreme Court.
  • We update your application with the case number.
  • Prepare court documents and submit to the court so that all goes smoothly.
  • When the Supreme Court processes your Probate you will receive them in the mail.

When you use our probate service, we telephone you at a time that suits. We understand that this is often a difficult time after the passing of a loved one and you dont need the hassle of filling out more forms or clicking on online forms. We call you and it takes around 30-40 minutes to get all the required details. We then lodge all documents directly with the Supreme Court for you.

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