Welcome to Our Advocate

Stop yelling at each other because at mediation you can resolve it. Our Advocate resolves all disputes for all clients, any location, any time for fixed fees. It’s faster, efficient, creative and lasting.

We assist businesses, people and organisations and government to resolve disputes and achieve outcomes without Courts.Our Advocate aims to resolve all types of disputes, commercial and personal – big and small:

  • Respectfully
  • Quickly
  • Conveniently

With cost certainty and fixed fees which:

  • Saves stress
  • Saves time
  • Saves relationships
  • Saves reputations
  • Saves money

Workplace Disputes
Includes worker vs worker, worker and  managers

Business Disputes
Provision of Goods and Services,  Housing/Tenants/Landlords, Debt repayments

Community Disputes
Includes local neighbour hood issues, planning disputes, localised issues, religious disputes.

Large Group Disputes
May involve several hundred disputants at once and is often associated or in conjunction with town/city meetings.

Aged Care Disputes